Wrist Drop test is a wrist examination procedure used to identify the presence of lateral epicondylitis, wrist extensor weakness and possible atrophy of the area due to long-standing radial nerve lesion


Patient should be awake and cooperative to perform the Wrist  Drop Test.

  1. Patient should be seated while the procedure is being done.
  2. The patient should assume a praying position with the hands and palms together.
  3. The patient pulls the palms apart.
  4. The patient holds hands for about 15 cm apart for a minute. He should maintain wrist extension till a whole minute is done.
  5. The examiner takes note of of poor range of motion or the inability to hold wrists in extended position.

Patient is in a prayer position with the hand against each other.


Positive Wrist Drop Test

A positive Wrist Drop Test is the presence of weakness and the inability of a patient to maintain this position of the upper limb. Inability to hold the wrist in extended position could indicate the presence of lateral cpicondylitis or paralysis due to radial instability.

Clinical Notes

Possible atrophy of the wrists may be expected if there is chronic radial nerve lesion.