Valgus Elbow Stress test is an elbow examination procedure that determines medial elbow sprain. It is a test that assesses the integrity of the ulnar collateral ligament.


Patient should be awake and cooperative to perform the Valgus Elbow Stress test.

  1. Patient should be seated during the test. This is a two-part test
  2. The patient fully extends her elbow while the examiner applies valgus force over the area.
  3. The patient now flexes her elbow at 30 degrees while the forearm is supinated. The examiner applies valgus force over the area.
  4. The examiner takes note of any pain while the tests are done.

Valgus force is applied on fully extended elbow and when the elbow is flexed.


Positive Valgus Elbow Stress Test

There is positive Valgus Elbow Stress test when the patient complains of any pain or excessive motion is observed by the examiner. These signs may indicate the presence of medial elbow sprain or instability.

Clinical Notes

The elbow joint is one of the most dynamic joints in the body and therefore the Valgus Elbow Stress test for elbow ligament integrity has to be checked in two positions.