Tinel’s Neck test is a cervical spine examination procedure that assesses for cervical nerve root compression, neuroma, thoracic outlet syndrome and space-occupying lesions in the area. This test involves lightly tapping over the nerve to identify nerve irritation.


Patient should be awake and cooperative in a Tinel’s Neck test.

  1. Patient should be seated for the procedure.
  2. The patient’s neck should be slightly flexed laterally at 10 degrees.
  3. The examiner should be at the patient’s back and uses his fingers to tap over the brachial plexus region.
  4. The examiner observes for any sign of discomfort or pain.

Examiner taps the brachial plexus and checks for signs of discomfort.


Positive Tinel’s Neck Test

There is positive Tinel’s Neck test when there is presence of radicular symptoms like numbness or tingling along the distribution of a peripheral nerve. These signs could indicate the presence of cervical nerve root compression, neuroma, TOS or SOL.

Clinical Notes

Tingling along the area where the peripheral nerve is distributed indicates an anatomically intact lesion or mass.