T1-T2 Nerve Root test is a thoracic spine examination procedure that tests for T1-T2 nerve root compression.


Patient should be awake and cooperative during a T1 -T2 Never Root test.

  1. Patient may stand or sit during the procedure.
  2. The patient abducts her shoulder at 90 degres, flexes her elbow at 90 degree sand pronates forearm at 90 degrees. The examiner assists the patient during the exam.
  3. The patient places hand behind her nack.
  4. The examiner checks for any abnormal motion or signs of pain as the patient moves from one position to another.

Patient abducts shoulder, flexes elbow and pronates forearm.


Positive T1-T2 Nerve Root test

There is positive T1-T2 Nerve Root test when the patient complains of scapular pain. This sign could indicate the presence of nerve root compression.

Clinical Notes

Conditions such as disc lesions along level T1 – T2 are very rare. Aside from scapular pain, patients may also exhibit neurologic outlet symptoms during a T1-T2 nerve root test.