Patient seated with hip flexed at 45° and knee flexed 90° , 2 parts;

  1. Examiner externally rotates tibia 15° and; pulls the tibia anteriorly
  2. Examiner then internally rotates the tibia 30° and; pulls it anteriorly

Slocum's orthopaedic test for knee

Slocum knee examination


Positive Slocum’s Test

Increased motion with external rotation of the tibia: Antero-medial instability, medial collateral ligament tear and/or anterior cruciate ligament tear
Increased motion with internal rotation of the tibia: Anterolateral instability, lateral collateral ligament tear, posterior cruciate ligament tear, iliotibial band lesion.

Clinical Notes

Clinical Option

To improve exam efficiency Slocum’s test may be done in conjunction with the anterior drawer test (helps to speed up physical exam as patient is already in the correct position)