The Reverse Phalen’s Test is a wrist examination procedure that helps diagnose carpal tunnel syndrome.


The patient should be awake and cooperative when the Reverse Phalen’s test is done.

  1. Patient should be seated with the wrists extended.
  2. Patient should have the palms of the hands together like in a praying position with the elbows high.In this position, both wrists are extended.
  3. Patient should maintain this position for a minute.
  4. When the tips have touched, tell the patient to bring his palms together without breaking the connection of the fingertips.
  5. Examiner takes note of any sign of pain throughout the procedure.

Another version of the Reverse Phalen’s Test is the examiner holds the wrist in a sustained extension position for a minute.

Patient assumes a “praying position” with palms together in front of her body.


Positive Finger Extension Test

There is positive Reverse Phalen’s Test when there is numbness or tingling sensation over the area where the median nerve is distributed. Anterior wrist pain or subsequent weakness of the thumb opposition could also be positive result. These signs could indicate carpal tunnel syndrome, MFTP atient has difficulty in meeting two referral from forearm flexors.