Perths’ test is an ankle examination procedure that tests for incompetency of the valves of the saphenous vein and varicose veins. It is used to asses the patency of the deep femoral vein before varicose vein surgery.


Patient should be awake and cooperative for the Perthes’ test.

  1. Patient may be supine or standing while the test is being done.
  2. The examiner uses an elastic tourniquet to the upper thigh to compress the saphenous vein.
  3. The examiner tells the patient to exercise the leg by walking or kicking it for 60 seconds.
  4. The examiner checks the patient for varicosities.


Positive Perthes’ Test

There is positive Perthes’ test when there is presence of varicosities. This could indicate presence of varicose veins or incompetency of the valves of the saphenous vein.

Clinical Notes

Varicose veins are more common in females and occurs in ~40% of women; the saphenous vein is the most commonly affected.