• Figure-4 Test
  • Jansen’s Test


Patrick’s Test, sometime referred to as FABERE’s Test, exams the hip joint for general pathology. It is often used to ‘clear’ a hip joint of arthritis and fracture.


  1. Patient supine, Examiner instructs patient to cross leg into a ‘figure 4′ position (ankle placed above contralateral knee, ipsilateral knee flexed 90°, ipsilateral hip abducted & externally rotated).
  2. Examiner then stabilises pelvis and applies gentle downward pressure over the flexed knee.


Pain or inability to perform motion Hip joint pathology, severe arthritis, sprain/strain, fracture, tight hip adductors.

Clinical Notes

FABERE is an acronym for flexion, Abduction, External Rotation & Extension of the hip joint (good general screening test)