1. Patient supine legs straight
  2. Examiner “cups” hand over patella and applies a downward force (compressing the patella against the femur)
  3. Examiner then proceeds to move the patella laterally, medially, superiorly, inferiorly, and in a twisting motion (“twist and grind”)
Grind Test Knee - For OA, osteochondritis of the patella, fracture

Compression of patella against the femur by ‘cupping’ the knee.


Positive Patellofemoral Grind Test

Pain and/or crepitus Chondromalacia patella: degenerative joint disease, osteochondritis of the patella, patellar fracture

Clinical Notes

Synonym: Patellar Grind Test
Compression of the patella on the femur may cause pain due to aggravation of inflamed or damaged tissues.