Neri’s Sign


Neri’s Sign is observed with forward flexion of the lumbar spine and can indicate nerve root compression, sacroiliac joint/lumbar sprain/strain or hamstring contracture. Test is also know as Neri Bowstring Sign.


  1. Patient is standing
  2. Examiner instructs patient to flex forward in an attempt to touch toes
  3. Examiner observes patients for flexion at the knee
  4. Neri's Sign also know as Neri Bowstring Sign

    Patient is instructed to flex forward as if to touch toes and examiner observes patient for flexion at the knee.


    Positive Neri’s Sign

    Knee flexion associated with spinal flexion & leg pain: Nerve root compression, SI/lumbar sprain/strain, hamstring contracture.

    Clinical Notes

    By flexing the knee with forward spinal flexion, the patient decreases sciatic and hamstring tension.