Beevor’s Sign is a thoracic spine examination procedure and is described as the abnormal upward movement of the umbilicus when attempting to sit up from a supine lying position.


Patient should be awake and cooperative when testing for Beevor’s Sign.

  1. Patient lies on her back and told to do a sit-up. Her hands may be placed on her sides to help prop the body.
  2. The examiner checks the patient’s umbilicus for any deviation. Normally, the umbilicus will not move laterally, superiorly or inferiorly when moving from a supine lying to a sitting position.

Patient performs a sit up while the examiner assesses the deviation of the umbilicus.


PositiveĀ Beevor’s Sign

A positive Beevor’s Sign is when there is noticeable deviation of the umbilicus. This could indicate the presence of lower thoracic myelopathy which results to regional abdominalis muscle paralysis.

Clinical Notes

The Beevor’s Sign is a pathologic reflex test indicative of a upper motor neuron lesion (UMNL)